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The Zico Chain

THE-ZICO-CHAINThe Zico Chain are named after the connection that all icons possess, from Maradona to Madonna to Monroe to Manson; Jesus to James Dean to Jim Morrison to Josh Homme; Bobby Moore to Bobby Kennedy to Robert Plant to Robert De Niro.


Chris Glithero (vocals/bass) moved south from Manchester cos “every musician there wanted to be Baggy but I wanted to be Lemmy.” He met Paul Frost (guitar) and Ollie Middleton (drums) at college, where they bonded over their dissatisfaction of 21st century British rock, and threw their courses to the wind to pursue raw power. No overcooking allowed, the songs had to impact instantaneously, give you a quick hit, and then jump up and down in your head until they left footprints, like the first time that Ace of Spades / Debaser / Whole Lotta Love / Welcome to the Jungle / Feelgood Hit of The Summer / Won’t Get Fooled Again / Seven Nation Army burst from your speakers into your consciousness forever. They wanted to write songs that could buzz you up like a boy or a girl, a fuck or a fight, a drink or three, love or revenge. In short, they wanted to write the soundtrack of people’s lives….


…And there are rules; no living the myth before they had any right to it, aspiring to be icons for sure, but not expecting it. Knowing it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll. Knowing that greatness is 99% perspiration, and there are many miles to drive and songs to be ripped up and amps to be hoisted and strings to be broken and disappointments to be overcome before you’re worthy of being part of The Zico Chain. And it may never happen, but you gotta be in it to win it…


…So they proceeded to write thick songs about brainy people, celebration songs about drinking drinks, worried songs about druggy drugs and been-there songs about teenage angst, social suicide, paranoia, nuclear families, personal responsibility and split personality. And they got signed by a label (Hassle) and they recorded a mini-album with a smart man (Teo Miller) and they admired Meg White for her drumming, Jimi for his guitar work, Motorhead for their driving force, and Mudhoney and The Beatles, Pixies and Pistols for their songs. So all there was left to do then was buy a van and get on with it….