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Sortie prévue le 23 Juin 2017

So begins the story of Shelleyan Orphan. Their name, taken in homage to the poet
Percy Bysshe Shelley is what brought Caroline Crawley (RIP) and Jem Tayle together at first, forming the band in 1983 in Bournemouth, eventually signing to Rough Trade records in 1985.

This limited edition box-set contains remastered, repackaged complete albums of Helleborine, Century Flower and Humroot, as well as a new nineteen-track bonus disc.  Including is an unreleased BBC Radio 1 Session containing unearthed versions of ‘Cavalry of Cloud’ and ‘Melody of Birth’, as well as a slew of unreleased demos chronicling all three albums, and an unearthed session tracks with Art of Noise’s Anne Dudley, featuring Geoffrey Bayldon of Catweazle fame.  In addition, the boxset comes packaged with a DVD (6 videos) and an essay penned by Crawley and Tayle, before her untimely death of Crawley, exploring in deeper depth the story that is Shelleyan Orphan.  This is the first time Shelleyan Orphan’s back catalogue is compiled together, further illuminating the songwriting and vocals skills of one of England’s best pop purveyors.

Includes a hand-written letter from Jem Tayle in light of Caroline’s death last year.

Track Listing:

CD 1:
1. Southern Bess (a field holler)
2. Anatomy of love
3. Blue black grape
4. Jeremiah
5. Cavalry of cloud
6. Midsummer pearls and plumes
7. Epitaph ivy and woe
8. Helleborine
9. One hundred hands
10. Seeking bread and heaven
11. melody of birth.

CD 2:
Century Flower:
1. Shatter
2. Timeblind
3. Tar baby
4. self
5. Summerflies
6. The silent day
7. Century flower
8. Amanita muscaria
9. between two waves
10. A few small hours

CD 3:
1. Muddied up
2. Dead cat
3. Fishes
4. Burst
5. Sick
6. Little death
7. Big sun
8. Dolphins
9. Mull
10. Long dead flowers
11. Swallow
12. Supernature on a Super Highway.

CD 4 Bonus disc:
1. Cavalry Of Cloud (Live at BBC Radio 1, 1984)
2. Melody Of Birth (Live at BBC Radio 1, 1984))
3. Cavalry Of Cloud Medley ( Anne Dudly 1985)
4. Theme with Geoffrey Bayldon (Anne Dudley 1985, b-side)
5. Harmony Drone (b-side)
6. Anatomy Of Love ( US version)
7. Southern Bess ( demo version)
8. Epitaph Ivy And Woe ( demo version)
9. Century Flower ( demo version)
10. Silent Day (demo version)
11. Self (demo version)
12. Shatter (instrumental monitor mix)
13. Fishes (monitor mix)
14. Sick (demo version)
15. The Little Death (demo version)
16. Dolphins (monitor mix)
17. Hide My Smile (demo version)
18. Space (demo version)
19. Evolute (demo version)


1. Anatomy of Love (the Tube)
2. Epitaph Try and Woe (The Tube)
3. Calvary of Cloud (video)
4. Shatter (Video)
5. Burst (Video)