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River Whyless

« Kindness , A Rebel’

Roll Call records /The Orchard / Differ-ant

« Dear listeners,

The four of us in River Whyless are happy to present our new album, Kindness, A Rebel.

Produced by Paul Butler, the album was recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, Texas. From the studio we could see Mexico—or, rather, the wall. It seemed a fitting place to make a record about living in America.

Kindness, A Rebel isn’t intent on espousing our political views. While it unapologetically seeks to speak truth to power, this album is more interested in examining what’s beneath and beyond the divide. In short, the four of us spent much of 2017 trying to understand what’s happening, and why, and how we might help to make it better. When politics becomes about winning for winning’s sake, violence becomes inevitable. But violence is easy. It’s natural, predictable, cliché. Kindness is much harder. It requires patience in the face of ignorance, it asks that we swallow our pride, subdue our egos, and admit that our convictions are never absolute. Kindness rebels against the base and the complacent, rejects the parts of us that are prone to pettiness, greed and self-pity—it defies the lesser self that lives in each of us.

Alex, Halli, Ryan, and Dan »